The Ghost Train

St George's Theatre, Yarmouth

St George's Theatre, Yarmouth

This company is renowned for the excellence of its productions, and the polish-ed performance of this gripping play held the audience rapt throughout.

The action takes place in the waiting room of the Fal Vale Railway in Cornwall where several passengers are compelled to spend the night having missed their connection.

The benighted travellers include a honeymoon couple, cleverly acted by Jason Delaney and Becky Huggins; an unhappily married pair who seem about to separate, convincingly portrayed by Paul Crisp and Julia Rinnington; the flamboyant, lively gentleman who is blamed for delaying the train (the captivating Paul Johnson); and a spinster with her caged bird, a brilliant vignette by Eve Canham.

The surly stationmaster who is determined to go home, having first scared everyone with tales of deaths there some years ago and a ghostly train, was ably portrayed by David Applewhaite.

When he falls at the door as though dead after leaving to go home, the play achieves a nightmarish intensity.

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Then when Julia (the splendid Rebecca Moore) rushes in pursued by two gentlemen, the intensity is further heightened, particularly when she faints at the approach of the train.

The denouement is totally unexpected and brings the action to a dramatic and satisfying conclusion.

The clever production with its superb sound effects is a credit to director Eve Canham who ably coaxed brilliant interpretation from the cast who convincingly projected fear, frustration, humour, romance and sheer terror.

t The play continues nightly at 7.30pm until Saturday, March 18.