The Continental Quilt

IAN CLARKE Dereham Operatic Society at Dereham Memorial Hall


Everything from the 1970s seems to be a hit at the moment.

Whether it be the return of the good old Chopper bike or the revival of Starsky and Hutch, things from that decade are in great demand.

So Dereham Operatic Society made a wise choice in picking the saucy play The Continental Quilt - set in the lounge of bachelor Michael Feather - as its spring production.

Joan Greening's script has all the ingredients essential for a successful “nod nod, wink wink” farce - a flat in Totteridge, complex relationships, a Beetle called Bertie owned by Humbert Carpington, misunderstandings, innuendo, flirtatious characters, a brood of Feathers and lots of comings and goings from bedrooms.

The opening night had a disappointing turnout, and the 10-strong cast and behind-the- scenes team deserve more support as the week continues.

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The spring production is always entertaining and amusing and this show is no different.

On a cold night, the ageing Memorial Hall could do with more heating. And the talented actors and actresses did a sterling job to warm those in the audience.

The Continental Quilt continues at Dereham Memorial Hall nightly until Saturday, March 13, at 7.30pm. Tickets cost £7/£8. Box office is at Hallmark, 12 Nelson Place, Dereham, telephone 01362 851919.

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