The Caretaker

ALISON CROOSE Westacre River Studios


It is sometimes funny, sometimes moving and often very bleak, but Harold Pinter's play is recognised as one of the masterpieces of 20th century theatre and was accorded the thoroughly professional treatment it deserves.

The West Acre team relishes a challenge and added to their string of successes with a very thought-provoking performance directed with appropriate gravitas by Issy Huckle.

Just the right atmosphere was created by a most effective set, a desolate room groaning with the junk and clutter which reflected the muddle of the lives of the three characters. The occupant Aston (Richard Morgan), a pathetic figure who naively offers shelter to Davies (Andy Naylor), a conniving, sponging tramp, and Aston's brother Mick (Simon Wakefield), a Jack-the-lad figure with a threatening and sinister side to his personality.

The play doesn't so much have a plot as a roundabout of the shifting relationships between this trio, each of whom is full of plans and dreams which clearly stand little chance of realisation.

The subtle overbearance of Mick, the sheer selfishness of the tramp, and the vulnerability of the pitiable Aston were portrayed with great conviction, ensuring the audience remained completely engrossed.

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