The Bees, The Aspects

The Waterfront, Norwich

> The Waterfront, Norwich

It's fitting a band as unconventional and hard to classify as The Bees has two of the most unusual and entertaining support acts around.

Playing at the Waterfront last night, the blues/soul/funk of Little Barrie, with their talented guitarist/vocalist Barry Cadogan, and the rapping of hip hop crew The Aspects (including a human beatbox version of Seven Nation Army), worked together to dazzle the packed audience.

With an opening like this there was a serious danger of the sextet from the Isle of Wight being upstaged, but this was not the case.

After a fairly nondescript opener, lead singer and guitarist Paul Butler breaks into the unmistakable opening riff of Wash in the Rain, the crowd roars, and there is no doubt about who are the real stars of the show.

Demonstrating a much meatier sound than on their album, the first single from latest album Free The Bees and the songs that follow bring back memories of hot summer festivals. Songs such as A Minha Menina and the surprisingly hard Horseman envelope the crowd in sunshine, and seem out of place in the dark, smoky confines of the Waterfront.

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Smooth, heartfelt ballads like I Love You, and soulful numbers like Nothing, rounded off a memorable evening.

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