The Apprentice: Past winners - where are they now?

The winner of The Apprentice 2016 was Alana Spencer, who has expanded her cake making business with

The winner of The Apprentice 2016 was Alana Spencer, who has expanded her cake making business with a bit of extra Sugar - Credit: BBC

As the latest season of The Apprentice draws to a close, we look back at Sir Alan's past apprentices and see where they are now

The moment is almost upon us: Sir Alan is about to choose his thirteenth Apprentice: lucky for one.

Finalists James White and Sarah Lynn take on their last challenge on Sunday night on BBC1 at 9pm – helped (or hindered, in the case of Elizabeth) – by their former housemates from the series in a three-day task to create brands and adverts to pitch to a room full of experts.

Surely after seeing 12 previous series they'll have got this nailed? SURELY? As we prepare to see who the finger of doom selects to hire and fire, let's reflect on the achievements of the 12 who have already been hired by Sir Alan.

Tim Campbell, winner, series one

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What was he known for? A former Transport For London manager, hard-working Campbell didn't so much as set the tone for the series as come to represent a more innocent time when candidates relied on their work to speak for themselves, rather than their exhaustive supply of boasts.

What does he do now? After working with Sugar for two years, Campbell parted ways on amicable terms to set up a male grooming company and work as a motivational speaker. He's also behind a social enterprise to encourage more children from poor backgrounds into business.

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Michelle Dewberry, winner, series two

What was she known for? Narrowly beating no-nonsense bookies' favourite Ruth Badger, who later bagged her own TV series, Dewberry was cut from a similar cloth to Sugar, and was applauded by him for holding down three jobs while she was still at school.

What does she do now? The Hull-born winner left her role with Sir Alan after a total of 11 months. Nowadays, she's a consultant and regularly appears as a pundit on Sky News.

Simon Ambrose, winner, series three

What was he known for? Cambridge graduate Ambrose was in the same batch as Katie Hopkins, though, that is where the common ground ends. Proving he was game for anything, in one memorable task, Ambrose flogged his wares while bouncing on a middle trampoline in his smart shirt and tie during a QVC selling task, much to Sugar's chagrin.

What does he do now? After three years at the helm at Sugar HQ in Essex, Ambrose started a property development firm. He's now the chairman of the London Contemporary Orchestra.

Lee McQueen, winner, series four

What was he known for? Saying, 'That's what I'm talking about!' a lot. And also exaggerating his accomplishments on his CV - and, it being The Apprentice, being found out during the gruelling interview stage. Such was the outcry, the question of lying on CVs was raised with then PM Gordon Brown. Oh, and when the going got tough, he also impersonated a dinosaur during an interview.

What does he do now? He's a business coach and the managing director of a sales and recruitment company, specialising in finding sales personnel.

Yasmina Siadatan, winner, series five

What was she known for?: Proving that slow and steady wins the race. The restaurateur held back in the first few weeks before showing her true mettle. She also pipped fellow contestant - bookies' favourite and current TV regular - Kate Walsh, to Sugar's coveted post.

What does she do now? She's working for Dragon's Den businessman James Caan's private equity firm.

Stella English, winner, series six

What was she known for? Remaining cool and collected. So much so that the former bank trader was dubbed an, 'ice maiden' by her competitors for her unflinching approach to the tasks ahead.

What does she do now? The former bank trader took Sir Alan to an employment tribunal over the job she was given following her success on the show, but lost her case. She is now a host for Crowd Box, a TV channel that helps entrepreneurs raise money through crowd-funding and also works as a management consultant.

Tom Pellereau, winner, series seven

What was he known for? Unusually enough, Pellereau navigated the competition without resorting to the usual expelling of hot air and empty promises. A whizz with ideas and inventions, he was the first recipient of Sugar's investment fund to launch a project, instead of the previous prize of a role at his company.

What does he do now? Still inventing, he is the inventor of Stylpro, a make-up brush cleaner, Stylfile, an S-shaped nail range and has also developed a bowel cancer screening device, a collapsible baby bottle and many other inventions.

Ricky Martin, winner, series eight

What was he known for? This bio-chemist drew on his wrestling background for his well of self-aggrandising catchphrases. Memorably, he introduced himself as, 'the reflection of perfection' and 'Thor'.

What does he do now? He founded specialist Hyper Recruitment, a consultancy for the science and technology industry, with Sugar's backing.

Leah Totton, winner, series nine

What was she known for? Being a doctor. The candidate from Northern Ireland used her business sense to win over Sugar, who was initially sceptical about her plans for a string of Botox clinics.

What does she do now? The winner launched Dr Leah Clinics with Sir Sugar's support. She is yet to encourage Sir Alan to partake.

Mark Wright, series 10

What was he known for? The Aussie-born sales manager was known for his ongoing feud with fellow contestant Daniel Lassman, which reached boiling point during a coach trip.

What does he do now? He runs Climb Online, a business specialising in digital marketing for small companies, with Sugar's investment. He is regularly mistaken for 'the other' Mark Wright from The Only Way is Essex.

Joseph Valente, series 11

What was he known for? A self-confessed 'naughty boy' come good, Valente was expelled from school but turned his life around soon after, by starting his own plumbing business.

What does he do now? He heads up ImpraGas, the company he successfully pitched to Sugar (his business partner). He plans to take on British Gas in the future (with or without his creepy moustache).

Alana Spencer, series 12

What was she known for? Alana decided that after five years of running a small bakery, it was time to think big and applied for The Apprentice. Viewers watched her grow in confidence as last year's series progressed before she eventually triumphed. Sweet.

What does she do now? She has recruited her own Apprentices to sell her cakes and chocolates across the UK and also sells online.

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