The Anatomist

ISABEL COCKAYNE Blackthorpe Barn, Rougham, near Bury St Edmunds


Blackthorpe Barn, Rougham, near Bury St Edmunds

Investigating the human body - how we are put together - is of massive importance today.

The dignity of the individual is weighed against the knowledge that can be found under their flesh. Seven actors took an audience of fewer than 50 on a thoughtful, funny and sometimes disturbing journey last night.

Written by Tony Ramsay, The Anatomist tackles tough food for thought. Where should the lines be drawn between protecting the individual's dignity and the pursuit of knowledge to the greater good?

And imagine doing that in the 16th century.

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Andreas Vesalius (Tom Marshall) is the anatomist hunting for a body in 16th century Padua and Van Calcar (Nadia Morgan) is a young squeamish painter who volunteers to draw his dissections.

Vesalius is a man striving to make the first accurate map of the body but first he must dodge the watch and find a cadaver to dissect.

Meanwhile, two travellers make their own journey towards enlightenment. Directed by Ivan Cutting, this Eastern Angles production was excellent, if a little raw in places on its first night. However the art of true travelling players will never die whilst the Eastern Angles are abroad.

The production is at Blackthorpe Barn until Saturday July 1, then is at Hales Hall Barn, Loddon, July 3-5.

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