The 20-20s

The Waterfront, Norwich

> The Waterfront, Norwich

Some live bands like to embellish their performances with flashy light shows, animations and over-the-top onstage antics.

The 22-20s, playing at the Waterfront last night, are a band who believe their music alone should do the talking and proved they have the songs to pull it off.

Playing their set with minimal fuss, the Lincoln-born band, at the forefront of the new wave of “BritPack” bands to come from our shores, electrified the crowd with their distinctive brand of raw blues, at a volume level that turned it into a physical presence in the cramped space.

Opening with non-album track Messed Up, lead singer Martin Trimble, complete with leather jacket and icy stare, unleashed the first guttural blast from his guitar, in sharp contrast to his piercing vocals.

Two songs in, with the audience already reeling from the pulsing guitar riffs, but loving every minute off it, the band drew the first cheer of the night with I'm The One, got them jumping with album highlight Shoot Your Gun, then reeled off three more aural assaults, climaxing with the venomous Why Don't You Do It For Me, with only the strutting bassist giving any outward sign of the emotion pouring from the speakers.

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Brief respite was given with the acoustic lament Friends, but by the time the explosive 22 Days had finished echoing off the walls, the crowd was in no doubt that the 22-20s mean business.