Telemann in Paris

CHRISTOPHER SMITH King of Hearts, Norwich (Norfolk and Norwich Festival)


King of Hearts, Norwich (Norfolk and Norwich Festival)

Echoing the visit made to Paris in 1730 by the German composer Georg Telemann, the programme of this delightful concert was framed with quartets that he wrote for flute, violin, bass viol and harpsichord. We always had a welcome opportunity of hearing works by French musicians with whom he had contact at the time. Named after Marin Marais, the viol virtuoso of the age, the Maressienne Consort naturally played one of his most celebrated compositions, the Sonnerie de Ste Genevieve. It made a strong impression with controlled inventiveness. An elegant flute sonata by Michel Blavet, was no less pleasing for being more relaxed.

Jacques Duphly, who made his impression in Rouen, one of Norwich's twin cities, was represented by a harpsichord solo. Like a number of the other pieces that were performed, it was a character sketch of one of his colleagues.

Ibi Aziz played the bass viol, Bridget Cunningham the harpsichord and Huw Daniel the violin, sometimes with rather harsh tone. These three might have been a little more sympathetic when accompanying Graham O'Sullivan's gentle baroque flute.

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