Teenagers at Latitude experience life as a journalist

The Latitude Festival 2015.Picture: James Bass

The Latitude Festival 2015.Picture: James Bass - Credit: James Bass

Teenagers at Latitude Festival have been given the chance to experience life as a journalist at the festival as part of a tie up between the newspaper and Culture Works East.

Here is a selection of some of their work, including a group from Wymondham High School.

• Rosie Durrant and Jess Clark

The faint hum of the music pulses through the air and into the dense forest. The cheering of crowds, laughter of children playing in a cloud of bubbles, and the click of camera shutters with people posing for photos.

The festival shines: the reflection of the forest in the river, the shimmer of dresses smothered with sparkly gold sequins, the giant, mirrored letters spelling 'Latitude' shining on the river bank. The sun and music beating down on festival goers, making it come alive.

So Latitude is back for 2015, celebrating its tenth anniversary, with the iconic pink sheep back for another year grazing peacefully on the grass of the river bank.

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Colourful tents with mad designs create a patchwork effect on the grass, drawing people in. Each with different acts and performers, such as music, poetry and literature; are dotted around, crowds spilling out of the doors all gathering and swaying like branches in the wind.

Small segments of stone and sand puffing up around your feet as you walk along the dusty paths. My feet are filthy but that doesn't matter because we are not at school! It's just a normal Friday at Latitude.

• Lucy Thatcher spoke to festival-goers to find out what they were looking forward to and why they were here.

Jeremy and Joules from Norfolk had come to Latitude to listen to the amazing varieties of music and to spend time with their friends from far and wide. The pair were most looking forward to seeing 'White Mink.

Also at the festival were a mother and daughter, Heather and Jean Wall, from Blackpool. For Jean, it was her first ever festival experience at the grand old age of 74.

She said: 'I've never been to a festival before. My daughter wanted to share the festival experience with me.'

'I wanted to bring my mum to Latitude, its a great family festival. We're really excited about seeing Seasick Steve,' added Heather. The two then set off to see Alan Davies the comedian.

Finally, we spoke to Marcus (47), Cressida (23) and Suzanne (43). Marcus and Cressida, from Norfolk, had come to Latitude because it's a 'habit' and that they have been to the festival almost every year. Suzanne, however, had flown all the way from California to attend the festival for the eighth time. She said: 'This is my eighth visit to Latitude. My husband has been ten times and the rest of my family have been here nine times! We just love coming to the festival.'

• Alex Huitfeldt and Sinaan Hanif

Finally the 10th Latitude Festival anniversary is here and more than twenty thousand people made their way to Henham Park, near Southwold, to enjoy the fabulous weekend. People from all over the world have come to Latitude to enjoy a host of special artists, band, comedians and acts.

Latitude's line-up includes some of the world's biggest acts such as Alt-J, Portishead, Noel Gallagher but also some up and coming performers like The Vaccines, Catfish and the Bottlemen and Soak. The crowds were also looking forward to humorous comedians such as Alan Davies and Jon Richardson.

Currently the atmosphere is ecstatic and the weather is beautiful, it is over twenty five degrees with the sun shining brightly all over the festival.

We interviewed some people at Latitude like Charlie Scott from London who sad: 'I look forward to watching all the good dance acts, also I come here as the atmosphere is nice.'

Victoria and Mathew Charlton, from Manchester, said: 'We are enjoying our beer near the lake and are waiting for the comedy.'

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