Teatro de los Sentidos

Duke Street Warehouse, Norwich (Norfolk and Norwich Festival)

Duke Street Warehouse, Norwich (Norfolk and NorwichFestival)

Well, it didn't start well. We knew little of what to expect and struggled to find the venue. Then the question: "Would you mind being separated from your son?" Err, funnily enough, yes. He's seven and why would I go to a show with him to then go in it without him? Yes, you do wonder about the festival and so-called modern theatre at times.

However, this whole "experience" - and it's not a show, performance, concert or otherwise - is first rate. Direct from Spain, it is for children aged seven and above and that's probably about right.

You enter what's an old factory to the pragmatic amongst us but is really the upside down world to those with a bit of imagination.

In groups of about 10, you are guided through numerous tunnels and alleyways, you have to steal a set of keys and undergo various other challenges until you enter a magical place. I won't say more as it would spoil it.

It's a bit like an old fashioned adventure trail and children, even timid little mice like mine, found it "very, very good". High praise indeed.

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At only a fiver, it's great for them to experience something a bit different - and the adventure runs all week.

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