Tasmin Little and Piers Lane

MICHAEL DRAKE The Old Granary Studio, Toft Monks


The Old Granary Studio, Toft Monks

Musical wheels continue to turn in ever increasing circles for Andrew and Jill Giller as their Concert Series continued last night with these international artists.

Violinist Tasmin Little always seems to have a smile ready to break and in Ravel's Sonata No 1, it was in her music, with pianist Piers Lane being ever fluent.

After that the opening violin theme in Schubert's Fantasie in C was one of extreme subtly while the piano seemed to be playing a sonata of its own.

This was one of the composer's last works and in his top bracket, with a beautiful waltz time opening variation to the finale.

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The violent chords of Brahms' Scherzo from the C minor Sonata struck without any introduction while Elgar's Sonata in E minor has an overall rural feel to it.

But it contained reflective colours in the centre of the opening movement, with the warm, singing tones of Tasmin Little's Stradivarius instrument given full measure in the following Romance and into the major key finale over a rippling, bright piano background for the end to an early summer musical oasis.

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