Summer Holiday

ALISON CROOSE Angles Theatre, Wisbech


Angles Theatre, Wisbech

A talented team of teenagers made the sun shine brightly on their vibrant version of this Sixties favourite.

Although the release of the film is history for these youngsters, they quickly captured the zest and vitality of the musical.

The production bore all the hallmarks of a Kevin Shippey production with choreography by Cynthia Maxey - characterised by slick, high-octane entertainment.

The show is packed with Cliff Richard hits, and showstoppers such as Dancing Shoes and Do You Wanna Dance were given the full treatment.

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The RATz company achieved wonders in the theatre's limited space, seemingly pushing out the walls to accommodate the double decker bus central to the story.

A strong cast full of the necessary youthful exuberance belted out the succession of familiar tunes with the on-stage band contributing significant momentum.

Simon Smith with his matinee idol looks, good stage presence and singing voice

slotted ideally into the lead role as Don teaming up well with Laura-Jayne Shippey as Barbara. They led by example with excellent support from Pat Jolly, Robert Williams Joshua Shippey, Emma Small, Gemma Howson and Kelly Grimmett, with Alison Younge and Andy Maxey providing the comic interest.

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