RICHARD BATSON Sheringham Little Theatre


Sheringham Little Theatre

A sexy girl in a slinky dress tosses her head and flicks her lithe legs around the man embracing her.

His clothes and hair are as slick as the twinkling footwork that unites them on the dance floor.

This is the tango. Not the last one in Paris, but the second one in Sheringham.

The music and dance of Argentina have been to the Little Theatre before and returned to transform its tiny stage into a simmering pot of passionate moves, flirtatious gestures and gymnastic lifts by tango twosome Giraldo and Kicca.

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Their performances were mingled with music from Tango Siempre, a quartet of accordion, violin, bass and keyboards - whose repertoire ranges from traditional tango to self-composed pieces with modern jazz influences.

Enthusiasts were intoxicated by the cocktail of music and dance. But some laymen, myself included, may have found the mix a rather acquired taste.

The dancing, which sparkled as brightly as Kicca's stunning dresses, will have impressed everyone, especially those with two left feet - me again.

It was not the kind of tango seen on Strictly Come Dancing, but a rawer version from its South American roots.

The musicianship was immaculate, but the tunes seemed rather “samey” to the casual observer - and with the dancers only on stage every now and again, several people were heard to mutter they would have liked to have seen more, rather than watching a fairly static recital.

But you cannot deny that a nation well known for a footballing “hand of God”, also has some pretty divine feet.

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