Spring Exhibition

Elm Hill Contemporary Art

Taking her inspiration from Byron's Childe Harold poem, Zheni Warner applies square layers of rich colours with drip marks reminiscent of spun sugar. The effect is glossy and lickably delicious! With mauve at the centre radiating out in a riot of fresh green, the work seems to possess its own inherent source of light. The Spring come forth with the work of gladness (iii:xxx) sums up this eclectic exhibition of abstract works.

The surface texture of Elizabeth Humphries' monumental constructed paper work The Salthouse Cypher interested me. Created in response to the recovery of some parish records, it evokes the worn leather cover of an ancient book and is embedded with gilded metals. Pauline Aitken is an artist who has taken her inspiration directly from nature and her analysis of the fritillary lily under a electron microscope has led to an inkjet print entitled Another. I was mesmerised by its lush velvet-like cushioned texture, sensually bursting with fertile abundance.

While the work of Mary Webb may at first glance seem simple, the San Luis series of watercolours demonstrate a formal abstract approach. Deliberations over the exact placing of each line and shape have allowed the artist to distil the essence of architecture, landscape and light effects experienced.

The eye is tricked into reading landscape in the driftwood Marqueterie series by Dick Whall. All the materials used have inherited their colours in a previous existence, and been distressed courtesy of the sea.

t The exhibition continues at Elm Hill Contemporary Art until April 30.

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