Spring and Summer Exhibition

Elm Hill Contemporary Art, Norwich

Spring & Summer Exhibition at Elm Hill Contemporary Art ongoing

There's an air of playfulness at the Elm Hill Contemporary Art Spring &

Summer exhibition. Mary Mellor's small pieces inspired by the theme of

'Funfair' are the essence of gaiety, colourfully collaged with silver foil and candy stripes. Zheni Warner keeps her stylistically successful work fresh by the addition of neon illumination in a decadent visual cocktail of glorious glazed colours.

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'Dance on' by John Loker is a bold piece; a repeated whale tail motif is viewed through an inky celestial window using a scrapping technique akin to a windscreen wiper. Nicole Koch's miniature oil on board 'Masques' nullifies all nightmare connotations of a spear-bearing monster with spiky teeth by depicting it cavorting on a sunny yellow ground.

Brenda Unwin proves herself a marvellous colourist with 'Watermark', working up paint runs to suggest fragments of light on water. Similarly inspired, Polly Cruse creates a veritable cascade of water in Plexiglas, complete with wooden bubbles that hang suspended in the flow. Her accompanying video piece of an outside tap, dribbling, gushing forth, spurting at an angle and finally drying up reveals her fascination with water as a metaphor for conversation.

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It's not all light-hearted frivolity though; Clare Jarrett's intense charcoal ovoid of infinite darkness creates a scrying surface that throws back a disquieting self-image and Emily Mayer's poignant taxidermy piece 'Final Voyage-precious cargo' featuring a Chihuahua nestled in a battered leather briefcase may test your recoil reflex.

In a few weeks there will also be some new pieces by Eva Gustavsson, whose

unmannered mark making and superior spatial deployment are influenced by

wall surfaces.

Heidi Hadley

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