Snoop Dogg Review: Bling, hotpant-clad dancers and a Canaries shirt

Snoop Dogg live at Radio 1 Big Weekend 2015 in Norwich - Paul Bayfield

Snoop Dogg live at Radio 1 Big Weekend 2015 in Norwich - Paul Bayfield

In a personalised Norwich City FC shirt, Snoop showed who he wanted to be top dogg on Monday.

During his performance on the first day of the Big Weekend he revealed himself to be a sort-of supporter of Norwich City FC.

Liked almost 1,000 times on the EDP24 post on Facebook, he proved himself a solid hit with his fans.

He previewed his t-shirt, emblazoned with 'Dogg' on the back, on Instagram before showing it off to the audience at the In New Music We Trust stage.

It stood out against the extravagant bling around his neck and the chorus of hotpant-clad background dancers gyrating behind him.

Snoop Dogg impressed the crowd, which was spilling out of the sides of the tent, with his classic hits including Drop It Like It's Hot, California Girls and Smoke Weed Everyday.

It's hard to put an age to the never-changing Snoop - one member of the crowd asked if he was in his 60s.

But at 43 years old and wearing some cool shades he didn't disappoint in delivering what he knows best- laid-back melodic rhyming.

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