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The Actors Company triumph again, with this show directed by Peter Wilson, chief executive of the Theatre Royal.

Skylight is one of David Hare's most personal and touching plays, which brings alive the spirit of the eighties. I well remember the culture of entrepreneurship which flourished, briefly, under Thatcher, and the men who profited by it. They were the financial Nelsons of their time: pioneers who were able to profit from a tiny accident in the political landscape which gave them the power to create something quickly and carve out their name. Hare's male lead is a self- made man, who owns a chain of restaurants, and it's been pointed out before, that he bears more than a passing resemblance to Terence Conran. But he gets betrayed, not only by the shift in political policy, but also by his own heart.

Stuart Organ has got just the right instinct and bullish charm to pull this character off: right down to his blinkered view of the women around him, and the way he unwittingly victimises them all, whilst still believing he's the one who's injured.

Romy Tenant, who began her training on the now renowned UEA drama course, has a steely strength as his lover, and some strong arguments which make their heated debate a fight worth watching.

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