Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

CAROLINE CULOT Norwich Theatre Royal


Norwich Theatre Royal

Yee-ha! It's time to don the boots and slap your thighs for a musical that's as wholesome as blueberry pie.

If you don't remember the 1954 movie starring Howard Keel then it doesn't really matter.

What does is an ability to erase from the memory any 21st-century values about the role of women on this planet because Seven Brides for Seven Brothers was written for a very different time.

Last night's performance was wonderfully energetic with the stars of the show undoubtedly being the six younger brothers who showed off some fab dancing - boy can they leap high.

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It's a simple tale with the arrogant older brother Adam, who likes his women “simple and sweet”, getting wed to Milly so she can clean up his house.

She has other ideas, but Seven Brides for Seven Brothers sits rather uncomfortably in 2006.

Basically it's hard to empathise with - or even much like - the main character Adam, so male lead Dave Willetts has a tough job and I'm not sure he pulled it off.

The beautiful Shona Lindsay as Milly gave an equally difficult role guts and depth, as well as showing some really strong singing.

Really, seeing this left me in a dilemma because I strongly believe we should keep performing the old musicals that don't rely on special effects but are straightforward love stories with wholesome values.

However, times have moved on too much, I fear, for this one.

t Seven Brides for Seven Brothers continues until Saturday March 11 - box office 01603 630000, or visit

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