Sense of colour leaves great impression

A Master Of Colour, paintings by Ronald Durban @ Frames Gallery, St Giles Street, Norwich

A master Of Colour, paintings by Ronald Durban @ Frames Gallery, St Giles Street, Norwich


Ronald Durban's art is distinctive in scale, composition and handling of paint. His sense of rich atmospheric colour will strike you and leave a lasting impression.

Born in 1932, the artist worked for 40 years as a painter and illustrator. It is remarkable that at 69, Durban's landscape style has matured and will, I believe, progress to even greater heights. He primes board with two coats of acrylic gesso, then a half-toned tint of Indian red with ultramarine and a touch of Naples pink.

His virtuosity is clearly demonstrated in Towards Gun Hill, Burnham Overy Staithe. Layers of soft glowing clouds are symmetrically placed to anchor the asymmetry of distant boats, the vast curve of water and receding dunes. An intensely blue sky is reflected in foreground pools.

In Blakeney Marshes, a stream snakes through grasslands. Curves and edges have a graphic rhythm, the grass is handled with economy. Durban's surface qualities are fascinating, even seductive.

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Durban was “miserable when employed, liberated when freelance,” and has found a new level of enrichment in this stunning exhibition – don't miss it.

t The exhibition continues until May 30, open Mondays to Saturdays 9.30am-6pm.

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