Seeing is believing for Skeptic Skip in 2011

Skeptic Skip peers into the crystal ball to find out what's in store in our area for 2011. Or maybe not.

Skeptic Skip, Norfolk's answer to Cassandra, Nostradamus and Mother Shipton, presents his exclusive predictions for the county in 2011, prefaced by Aunt Agatha's evergreen maxim: 'That dunt matter what happen, there's allus someone knew that would.'

Future grants from the Arts Council to aid this important work depend on a considerable number of these forecasts being discussed in high places, like boardrooms, council chambers and on top of Beeston Bump.

Skip is banking on the old saying that people don't always believe everything they read, but repeat it just to be on the safe side.

'It has been asked why someone so clearly tethered to the past should be invited to peer into our future. Well, my proud reputation as a carbuncle on the backside of progress surely leaves me in prime position to pass on the only authentic home-grown crop of prognostications untainted by prejudice or pressures dressed up as promises,' proclaims the self-styled Cromer Seer.

Find out what Skeptic Skip predicts month-by-month for 2011 in the Sunday supplement, part of Saturday's great value EDP.

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