Seaside Special, show one

Michael DrakePavilion Theatre, CromerMichael Drake

One of the few 'end of the pier shows' still running opened in spectacular fashion on Saturday evening. Always a family show, this year that is emphasised as father and son comedy duo Keith and Ben Simmons again head the bill in which versatility is the watchword.

From the glitter and feathers of the opening routine to the finale's rainbow colours this was summer time holiday entertainment at its best. Relaxed and glamorous soprano Sophie Bloom charms with a wide-ranging series of songs, and singing partner Aston Dobson is big both physically and in personality to add to his versatile high tenor voice.

Music too from the electric violin of South African Naomi Tagg in a real hoe-down session with MD Nigel Hogg at the piano. And in complete contrast to anything before or after a unique and graceful speciality act from Hungarian gymnast Csbar Menus. Muscular, agile and using a net slung from the rafters as a climbing frame, he performed some heart-stopping manouvres.

Which is the least to be said of the whole of the Seaside Special dancers' work. Beautifully dressed and backed by attractive sets, the loose-limbed four girls and two boys didn't put a foot wrong - whether it was in lithe ballet, tap or the Michael Jackson tribute. Neither must one overlook the cameo contributions of the stars of the future, the youngsters from Marlene's North Norfolk Dance School playing their parts in a couple of hours of non-stop action in words, songs and dances.

t Seaside Special's run until September 18. Further details at

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