WATCH: Saturday Sessions with The Kaotixx for Enjoy Music More

Saturday Sessions with The Kaotixx. Picture: Errol Watson

Saturday Sessions with The Kaotixx. Picture: Errol Watson - Credit: Errol Watson

Saturday Sessions with The Kaotixx for Enjoy Music More.

Artist Name: The Kaotixx

Date Started: Sometime during 2000.


Barlz Barley (vocals)

Scally Skingsley (lead guitar)

Steve Skingsley (rhythm guitar)

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Daz Adams (bass)

Andy Rope (drums)

Achievements: Managed to support most of our heroes including The Damned, Stiff Little Fingers, Anti-Nowhere League, The Dickies, Discharge to name a few. Also managed to play at a few great festivals, on the Bill with, The Beat, Mad Sin, The Business, G.B.H, The Meteors. Played at the Punk Aid Festival celebrating 40 years of Punk at the legendary 100 Club in Oxford Street.

Upcoming Gigs: Errr, Corona Virus anyone? Actually, we’re pencilled in to play at the Vive le Punk Rock Festival in Athens in February, if it is allowed to go ahead!

Upcoming Releases: A back catalogue album is currently in discussion.

Anything else you want to shout about: Well, the whole point of making the Waste of Space video was, it suddenly dawned on us that our first demo was 20 years old!! Bearing in mind that the original line up from back then are now scattered over the globe, we thought it be fun to all play in a lockdown style video. Derek Williams, a good friend from Norwich agreed to do the production from there.

Scally emigrated to Australia in late 2005 and was replaced by Chris Peters (the beardy one on the video). In September 2007, Steve left these shores to live in Greece (Rhodes). The band carried on as a four piece after that.

We were influenced by bands such as Rancid, G.B.H. and Discharge with a leaning toward the old Anarco-Punk scene and a strictly D.I.Y ethic.

The band featured members of ex-Norwich Bands, Revulsion, Sweet ‘n’ Innocent, How’s the J Mann, Chris & Daz also play in Liqueur, The UK’s leading Cure tribute act.

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