Unseen pictures displayed at north Norfolk photographers meeting

Apples and Seedheads.

Apples and Seedheads. - Credit: Archant

An eminent photographer showed photos rarely seen by others to a recent meeting of the North Norfolk Photographic Society.

Birches in the Blue Hour.

Birches in the Blue Hour. - Credit: Archant

Roy Essery, from Chelmsford, was invited by the society on October 17 and exhibited a collection of photos called the 'Unseen'.

The pictures, both in colour and black and white, have mostly not been shown in competitions - so have not been seen by other photographers.

At the event, Mr Essery described himself as a 'people person'.

He said he likes to take photos of people and gave advice to the Norfolk photographers on how to approach someone who they wanted to photograph.

Man and his Dog.

Man and his Dog. - Credit: Archant

Meetings of the North Norfolk Photographic Society are normally held on the first and third Wednesdays of each month at the Holt Community Centre. For further details please contact the club secretary, Judith Wells, at secretary.nnps@gmail.com or see the club website at www.nnphotosoc.org/