Ross Noble

Norwich Theatre Royal

> Norwich Theatre Royal

In a world overflowing with 'off the wall' comedians, what is it that separates hairy Geordie Ross Noble from the pack?

Last night, a sold-out theatre found out, as the Just-a-Minute regular brought his 60-date Randomist show to the city.

Incorporating helium-filled jaw implants, ninja ushers and freaky-frog pirates, Noble's routine astonishes with its bizarre imaginings and verbal flights of fancy.

And while the (apparently improvised) material is very funny in itself, it is the engagingly impish delivery that really justifies Noble's reputation as one of the country's finest stand-ups.

As he wrings every last drop of humour from, say, the concept of Papal Pinball or the hazards of shampooing dwarves, the sheer glee exhibited renders any potential worries about taste completely irrelevant. He is like a five-year-old child who has overdosed on fizzy pop.

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I have seen plenty of good comics over the years, and some have been as wryly intelligent as Noble; many have been edgier; a few have displayed almost as much energy. But never have I witnessed such frenzied, helpless laughter as I did tonight.

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