Rookery Nook

CHRISTOPHER SMITH Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich


Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich

Rhett Davies's set speaks volumes. Beautifully constructed, it offers a sturdy staircase, half a dozen doors, a window, 1920s furniture, stag antlers and, perhaps most important of all, a lot of empty space in the middle. This is just the place for farce.

Michael Bloom's costumes continue the good work.

With these ingredients director Peter Sowerbutts has all he needs. To bring Ben Travers's Rookery Nook to life, he adds a splendid cast, who don't miss a chance for a laugh. Trevor Burton, Nick Potts and Christopher Whitley are the three young gentlemen, Tim Seeley is all fire and fury, while Robin Saunders remains only just this side of nautical apoplexy. Etta Geras is a Mrs Mobb with a slightly sinister note and Mary Perry is a masterful mistress.

All Sarah Whiteman has to do is look sweet in a borrowed dressing gown, but she does that with just the right touch of shyness in her charm.

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