Romeo and Juliet - Northern Broadsides

Romeo and Juliet, Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds

Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds

In partnership with the New Vic this Northern Broadsides production first saw the light of day in February this year.

This tragic love story provides a wealth of characters many of whom are played by talented actor-musicians.

At one point there is tap dancing in country style with almost a jazz-type accompaniment.

The nurse, played by Sue McCormick, displays an annoying character especially with her wittering.

Romeo is wonderfully played by Benedict Fogerty. His lovesick portrayal initially invites ridicule but as the tragedy unfolds his character is taken seriously.

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I cannot fault Sarah Ridgeway in her role as Juliet especially as she developed more stage presence in the second half. However Peter Toon, who played Mercutio, more than made up for this with his robust comic performance which was excellent.

Director Barry Rutter was passionate in his role as Capulet.

With this production performed in conventional clothing, it perhaps aided concentration to newcomers to Shakespeare. Judging by the number of school parties present tonight, this was probably an asset.

This play forms part of the Bury festival which starts on Friday, May 9.