Romeo and Juliet

ALISON CROOSE West Acre Priory


The priory ruins provided a suitably dramatic backdrop for the classic love story of all time, sensitively adapted and directed by Andy Naylor.

Thunder, lightning and rain added to the emotionally-charged atmosphere as the timeless tale of love, rivalry and hate unfolded in a splendid production which used the outdoor space to maximum effect.

The cast's delivery of Shakespeare's lines enabled the audience to speedily tune into the language of the Bard with the colourful costumes of the opposing households highlighting the inherent antagonisms.

The incorporation of African songs and dances put the West Acre stamp of individuality on the play, adding drama and colour to a thoroughly entertaining evening.

The most important ingredients were the acting abilities of the cast, especially Georgie Riddiford as Juliet whose delivery did full justice to those familiar yet timeless lines. Particularly impressive were the emotional scenes she shared with the talented Charles Hotson as Romeo.

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Issy Huckle shone as Juliet's nurse and with Emlyn Moment as Prince Escalus, Katherine Shaw as Mercutio, and Simon Wakefield as Friar Laurence, success was guaranteed.