Robinson Crusoe

CAROLINE CULOT Norwich Theatre Royal


As casts go, you won't find one bigger than this one, not even in the West End.

Although they don't all appear in one show, there are more than 300 artists aged between eight and 20 in the five performances this week.

But I take my hat off to director and choreographer David Lambert as no one was out of step in the big chorus routines – and as anyone who has ever done amateur dramatics will know, that is no mean feat.

The show was specially written for the members of the Theatre Royal Junior Arts Course to perform and is the culmination of their year's work.

And the youngsters should certainly feel proud of the marvellous show they entertained us with last night. Sam Claflin made an absolutely first class Crusoe turning in a faultless performance.

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With his wonderful projection and lovely singing voice to professional standard, he surely must have a very bright future ahead of him.

But John Lynch gave a good character performance as Mr Crusoe along with Anna Burgess as Mrs Perkins.

And the girlie trio Daisy Wood, Charlotte Wren and Jo Banham as Rosie, Sukie and Tessie really proved themselves with their saucy rendition Men! Sex and the City, eat your heart out!

But as with all big musicals, the leads need the support of their chorus and my word did they get it. Everyone was totally focused and committed to doing their best with some difficult numbers.

All in all it was a treat for families and refreshingly devoid of any of that awful adult humour you get in pantomimes.

My advice – is to go and see it.

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