Rita Kinka

CHRISTOPHER SMITH John Innes Centre, Norwich


> John Innes Centre, Norwich

The sixth annual recital commemorating Paul Cross's work for the Norfolk & Norwich Novi Sad Association brought a large audience to listen to a fine piano recital.

It was given by Rita Kinka, who performed a programme on the theme of Night Music.

The first movement of the Moonlight Sonata set the mood. It had a tranquillity that betrayed nothing of the hassle of the soloist's winter journey across a strike-bound, fog-blanketed Europe.

Later, as Beethoven showed his fire and vigour, Kinka produced matching energy and agility. The contrasting scenes of Schumann's Fantasy Pieces offered further opportunities to bring out character.

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In four Nocturnes, fleet fingerwork was evident in Arabesques that were spun out eloquently and in the split chords that are such a feature of Chopin's manner.

Was quite so much power really needed at the climaxes? It was well controlled and made a great effect, but a more subtle shading of the volume might have been more stylish and made us listen more closely.

Turning to more modern French composers, Kinka brought out the local colour in three of Debussy's Prints, which are attempts to create impressions of pictures in the language of music. It was only gradually that Oriental influences became quite clear in Pagodas.

Evening in Granada, on the other hand, made immediate impact with its unmistakable Spanish rhythms, and Gardens in the Rain was charming.

In three movements by Maurice Ravel, Kinka again showed her command of the keyboard, in the sinister second one in particular.

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