Rhona Cameron

Norwich Playhouse

This Scottish comic opened the autumn season at the Playhouse to a capacity crowd that was, unusually for stand-up, mainly made up of women due perhaps to both Cameron's own sexuality and her subject matter.

Certainly Cameron, who became a household name when she appeared in the first series of I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, delivers a pleasant evening's musings but it's not of the cutting edge variety.

Her humour is inoffensive, with topics covering the everyday – shopping, her mother's technical hopelessness, the problems of living in London and getting older.

Unlike many of her male counterparts, Cameron does not continually discuss her sexploits but rather prefers to have you on her side as she wonders at life's inconsistencies.

She doesn't mention I'm A Celebrity which would have given her plenty of cheap laughs and her Norwich date was only the second on a three-month tour so there were clearly a few nerves and a little “trying out” of material.

But it's great to see a female comic who relies on her own observations and experiences rather than the mainstream gents who simply use their failed relationships and the supposed oddness of women to entertain!