Review: Tracey Thorn - Naked at the Albert Hall: The Inside Story of Singing, Adnams Spiegeltent

NNF15. Tracey Thorn. Photo: Edward Bishop.

NNF15. Tracey Thorn. Photo: Edward Bishop. - Credit: Edward Bishop

The human voice is a powerful musical instrument, capable of breaking hearts - or shattering eardrums - with a single note.

As the voice of Everything But The Girl, Tracey Thorn is firmly in the former camp.

Her new book, Naked at the Albert Hall, explores the highs and lows of singing, and she shared her findings with a packed Adnams Spiegeltent at Writers' Centre Norwich's final event in the Norfolk and Norwich Festival's lively literature strand.

Revealing how she found her own voice by singing along to Patti Smith in her bedroom as a teenager, how her career was punctuated by crippling stagefright (while she continues to record music, she hasn't sung live in more than a decade) and the reasons for her preference for Oasis over Blur, she was warm, witty and totally in tune with her audience.

In fact, you could say she was pitch perfect.

Emma Lee

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