Review: Tim Minchin

Latitude Festival prides itself on offering a truly diverse line-up reflecting the full spectrum of the arts - and who better to perform than self-styled comedy-rock-superstar Tim Minchin?

The Northampton-born, Australia-raised star played the Comedy tent yesterday afternoon and proved one of the most popular acts of the festival's first day, blurring the boundaries between poetry, comedy and brilliantly-performed live music.

With an excellent repertoire of intricately-worded songs covering topics such as cheese, Jesus and a rousing number that defends his fellow gingers, he offered something unique when lined-up with fellow comedy stars Mark Watson and Russell Kane, who also appeared on Friday.

Minchin, who in the past few years has forged a reputation as one of the most intelligent and thought-provoking comics on the circuit, attracted a huge crowd to the Comedy Arena at Latitude Festival, which spilled outside with hundreds prepared to catch just a glimpse of him on one of the big screens.

No stranger to strong language, his cutting and clever lyrics left the crowd in bits and calling for much more than could be squeezed into a 45 minute set.

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