REVIEW: The Tina Marinas, North Walsham Atrium

Two brassy northern blondes open their bling-encrusted handbags, and hearts, to give a snapshot of their 'gorgeous' lives in this earthy cabaret show.

Norwich-based actresses Bev Bishop and Karen Hill are the peroxide-haired hedonists Tina and Marina - two friends since schooldays who have added false nails, lashes, tans and breasts to defy the years and pursue their tireless quest for beauty and men.

They tell their stories through rhyming rhythmic patter, banter, song and dance routines, as befitting the perennial teenagers trapped inside them.

Shopping and high heels are among the topics they tackle, but beneath the superficiality of their existences and passions, there are hints of the deeper bond between them.

Just like sisters they are loving, supportive and synchronised one moment. The next they are spitting insults and swearwords, before kissing and making up again.

The hour-long show, which also sees a man plucked from the audience for a 'rough or buff' makeover, has been to the Edinburgh festival and is soon to tour northern clubs.

A late night cabaret or club slot is probably more atuned to this gritty and witty show than the more sober setting of a third-full community theatre, but the audience left at the end sporting 'You're Gorgeous' stickers, with smiles on their faces, even without a couple of coats of St Tropez.

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