REVIEW: Slava’s Snowshow is a weird and wonderful production

Slava's Snowshow is on at Theatre Royal.

Slava's Snowshow is on at Theatre Royal.

REVIEW: Slava's Snowshow, Norwich Theatre Royal.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas…in Norwich Theatre Royal's auditorium, thanks to a troupe of strangely beautiful yellow and green clowns (no relation to the Canaries).

Slava's Snowshow, created by Russian theatrical genius Slava Polunin (who attended Tuesday night's performance), is an enchantingly weird and wonderful production set in an enchanting world of snow-bound landscapes and starry skies where a group of mischievous clowns live.

The story is loose – a yellow clown is sad, but at his lowest ebb meets the green clown friends who make life worth living again – but woven together in a series of mesmerising and eccentric sketches involving the yellow clown and his green clown friends.

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If I've made it sound odd, it is. But it's also completely beautiful and spellbinding, an enchanting evening of escapism and magic, slapstick and poignancy, heartbreak and laughter, melancholy and mirth. It's a show that can be enjoyed on so many levels: but mainly it's just a riotously fun night out.

What else can I tell you? There's a blizzard that engulfs the audience in a haze of mist and ticker tape, a disaster at sea, a coat that waves goodbye, a table and chair on the huh, a glitter-shedding fairy on a swing, a light fitting with a mind of its own, a barking shark, self-defeating umbrellas, a cobweb that sweeps over the auditorium and a cloud of bubbles. Oh, and it ends with such an aerial spectacle that you'll wish you could watch it all over again.

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So I did. This is the second time I've seen the show and it definitely won't be the last. There's no show like the snow show - see you in the stalls the next time the clowns come to Norwich.

* Slava's Snow Show is recommended for those aged six and above and will be at Norwich Theatre Royal until Saturday. For more information, contact the box office on 01693 630000. STACIA BRIGGS.

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