Review: Simply barmy and a fun way to learn!

Theatre feat pix 27/2/14

Theatre feat pix 27/2/14 - Credit: Archant

Barmy Britain

Norwich Theatre Royal

Terry Deary and Neal Foster's irreverent take on British history is known to all from the Horrible Histories on television.

The appeal of their cartoon take on Britain's often dry and dusty past lies in the energy with which they draw our country's kings, queens and notorious characters.

The magic of the stage show, however, lies as much in the audience as in the performance itself.

As I took my seat at the Theatre Royal the children were cheering before the actors even appeared. Deary intends that kids should be set free to enjoy history outside the limits of the classroom, and they certainly appreciate his efforts.

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In a two-hour romp, we were treated to a real chronology of Britain's past, meeting everybody from Boudicca to the British Empire.

What makes it all so accessible is not only the reference to television shows we all know (Elizabeth I was an Undercover Boss; Highwayman Dick Turpin appeared in his own version of The Only Way is Essex) but also the direct way the characters address us from the stage.

All this, and stunning 3D effects in the backdrop as well. Great stuff!

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