REVIEW: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Marina Theatre Lowestoft

Marina Theatre Box Office, Lowestoft.Picture: Nick Butcher

Marina Theatre Box Office, Lowestoft.Picture: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

The name of Italian conductor Michele Mariotti is very familiar in prestigious European opera houses, and it was a great privilege for such an internationally-renowned musician to come to Lowestoft.

As ever, the RPO were in great form, following carefully every nuance of his conducting. The orchestra was led on this occasion by Kevin Lin.

This concert followed the traditional format of overture, concerto then symphony. Verdi's Sicilian Vespers Overture immediately set the high standard of performance.

Cellist Richard Harwood joined the orchestra for a fervent rendition of the Schumann concerto, causing the players to squeeze into the remaining space of an already cramped stage, some of the violinists disappearing into the wings.

The soloist brought out the very best rich tone from his 1692 instrument.

The symphony was Tchaikovsky's fourth, written at a particularly difficult time in his tempestuous life.

The first movement portrayed a wide range of emotions, reflecting the composer's reference to the impulse that prevents happiness from attaining its goal.

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The slow movement was suitably poignant, contrasting with the lively scherzo. A very fast interpretation of the final movement brought the concert to a triumphant close.