Review: Nuketown at Norwich Arts Centre

NNF18 - Nuketown. Photo: Courtesy of Norfolk and Norwich Festival

NNF18 - Nuketown. Photo: Courtesy of Norfolk and Norwich Festival - Credit: Courtesy of Norfolk and Norwich Festival

Nuclear oblivion and Lego might not seem like natural companions but this unusual show, Nuketown, brings them crashing together.

To Simon and Garfunkel songs and spoken narrative the famous plastic bricks and bowl-headed figures are used to create a live animation adventure, fusing a love story with a knowingly naïve plea for nuclear disarmament.

A few technical hitches interrupted the action but despite that the low fi approach of handheld camera, piano wire, and fairy lights is genuinely affecting. There are several clever touches, with laugh out loud moments at some of the deliberately Heath Robinson special effects.

The show, which was performed at Norwich Arts Centre, is a little over long, and the performing duo's vocal harmonies are no match for Art and Paul. Nonetheless, this is a charming and inventive creation.

James Goffin

• Nuketown was part of this year's Norfolk and Norwich Festival. For your daily guide to festival events click here• For all the latest festival news and reviews click here

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