REVIEW; Midnight Tango, Theatre Royal, Norwich

We've seen Strictly Come Dancing's tango specialists Flavia Cacace and Vincent Simone smoulder on the telly.

Now here is a chance to see them live on stage - and they are fully on fire as they weave the passionate dance form into a sparkling show set in its birthplace of Argentina.

In a smokey back street bar in Buenos Aires sharp-suited men and elegant nimble-legged women twirl in a frenzy of kicking and leg flicking as the mood swirls through a range of emotions.

To the lilt and throb of a live orchestra there is love and lust, jealousy and anger - all expressed through the medium of dance.

The plot is basic, the dialogue minimal, and the dance dominates - with Flavia and Vincent at the hub of the action, supported by 10 other top dancers, and a barkeeper couple adding a dash of humour.

For all of the high speed intense action, one of the highlights is a spellbinding seductiion number starring the duo, which certainly had my wife's spine tingling.

The men, even the two left footers among us, will enjoy watching Flavia and the girls, and discover, in a party piece routine, that she has another string to her bow.

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This show which is at once balletic, gymnastic and dramatic, dances on until Saturday.

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