Review: Los Campesinos!

When it comes to timing, Los Campesinos! picked the perfect opportunity to perform at Latitude Festival.

The six-piece indie band took to the stage just as the clouds broke and the sun emerged to bring a little brightness to the rain-soaked site.

Until now, the Lake Stage had experienced a relatively thin crowd compared to its sister arenas.

But this was brought to an end when they played on Saturday night, with fans swarming from the Sunshine Bridge to form a hefty following. The sight of the packed audience at Latitude Festival came as a surprise for lead singer Gareth Campesinos who shouted half way through the set: 'Thanks for making an unpopular band feel popular'.

This seemed an understatement, as the mosh pit boiled and crowd surfers were pushed to the surface.

It was a typical high-energy performance from the group, with their signature sweet melodies from xylophones and keyboards contrasted with thrashing distortion.

But the highlight came at the end when the band was forced to sing their final song without any sound.

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It came after the lead singer thanked the stage manager for allowing them to play one more track, despite running over their allotted time.

The song was then cut short, and he was forced to scream the lyrics, while the crowd rallied behind him to create an atmospheric chorus. Towards the end, a technical engineer darted about the stage to bring the sound back for the band.

But it no longer mattered as Gareth Campesinos hopped the barrier and launched himself into the crowd.