Review: Les Enfants Perdus

Laurie Hagen from Les Enfants Perdus. Credit: Michel Dierick

Laurie Hagen from Les Enfants Perdus. Credit: Michel Dierick - Credit: Michel Dierick

The Spiegeltent was made for daring, cheeky, cabaret - and Les Enfants Perdus was made for the Spiegeltent.

Produced by the Norwich and Norfolk Festival themselves, the show was a sparkling mix of music, magic and movement with none of it taking itself too seriously.

The appreciative audience were treated to Swedish contortionist twins Jenny and Sara Haglund, a sassy reverse striptease and suggestive musical numbers from Laurie Hagen, speed painting and high-speed magic from Jon Hicks, a female sword swallower, and a man juggling swords while drinking a pint of beer balanced on his forehead via a tube.

Who could ask for more?

It was a perfect combination of venue and artists: fun, glamourous, and just a little bit naughty from start to finish.

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