Review: Everyone has a story to tell and Ray Davies told his so well

The Norfolk coast inspired Ray Davies' classical composition Flatlands.

The Norfolk coast inspired Ray Davies' classical composition Flatlands. - Credit: PA

Ray Davies, Norwich Playhouse for the Norfolk and Norwich Festival 2014

Ray Davies, the man behind The Kinks, sat relaxed on stage at the packed Playhouse talking about his life, work and 50 years of music. As it was the literature section of the festival under the auspices of Writers Centre Norwich he was interviewed by author Peter Blegvad. He didn't need questions to open up. He read from his book Americana: The Kinks, The Road and The Perfect Riff to set the scene for a musician, writer, artist and film enthusiast who's seen and done it all, including being shot in New Orleans.

Never far from his working class north London upbringing, Ray has written and sung about Englishness for Britain and America all his career, 'fighting for his origins', being true to his authentic voice. Calling himself an outsider, a 'fan of music', he modestly acknowledged success while being self critical and affirming that 'everyone's got a story to tell.'

He finished with singing Rock and Roll Cowboys.

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