Review: Dylan Moran has sold-out Norwich Playhouse tittering away with memorable performance



'Cats are essentially Alan Rickman.'

If there was ever a quote that perfectly encapsulates Dylan Moran's breed of comedy it is this.

Out of context it is bizarre enough to prompt a wry smile. In context, it's a hugely witty way of describing the mannerisms of our feline friends.

And that's exactly what you can expect from a Dylan Moran performance, sharp observational humour fused with tangential oddities giving him an obvious edge over other comedians offering this style.

The Irish comic, best known for his lead role in classic comedy Black Books, chose to begin a mammoth tour with a four night residency at Norwich's Playhouse - a venue he has grown familiar with in recent years.

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Having previously used the venue to test new material, this time it is included in a full tour - and is the only venue nationwide to enjoy his company for more than two nights.

And judging by the rapacious reaction of the sold-out crowd, enjoy his company they did.

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Throughout his set, Moran has his audience clinging to his every word, as he rambles through all range of topics, from his perceived perils of middle age to his recent decision to stop one of his Black Books character's favourite past times - drinking alcohol.

But it is this rambling style that is Moran's most endearing, particular given his unique choices of imagery - he is able to create pictures that are utterly bizarre, but also hugely accurate once you give them a second's thought.

Over his four day stint at the venue, he will perform to some 1,200 people and given his performance - alongside the Playhouse's own charm - 1,200 of them will be leaving well and truly tickled. A class act through and through.

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