Review: Deborah Pearson - The Wonder Striker (a work in progress sharing)

Deborah Pearson performs The Wonder Striker

Deborah Pearson performs The Wonder Striker - Credit: submitted

Time is relative, it moves at different speeds – but sometimes that gets stretched to the extreme.

Deborah Pearson's The Wonder Striker was billed as a 40 minute show but ended up lasting 90; that might be excused for an early work in progress, as this was, but not when its core is a film screening with a fixed duration.

The movie in question is a Hungarian political satire, based in a fictional country ruled by football where the machinations of the despotic leaders extend to poaching Ferenc Puskás, a soccer legend of the time, in a bid to win favour. A case of mistaken identity instead leads to them hiring a pair of con artists, with ensuing chaos as the trick gradually becomes undone.

Performed at Norwich Arts Centre as part of this year's Norfolk and Norwich Festival, Pearson gave a loose translation and commentary as the film played out, revealing a family connection to the piece and mid-way through segueing to a re-staged interview with the film's writer.

The interplay of the film, Russian politics, and her own family's role has promise, but Pearson's faux-casual delivery of the first segment wore thin and the real-time recreation of her conversation with the screenwriter was over long.

As a half-hour documentary this could be an enjoyable and engaging insight into Eastern Europe. At the same length, ironically, as a football match, it just didn't deliver enough reward – though as Pearson said at the end, the show is still in flux. Hopefully as the show develops the telling will tighten; the material deserves it.

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