Review: Brilliant Stupidity

If you're looking for brutal honesty, you need go no further than the title of Trixie Little and the Evil Hate Monkey's latest show: it was stupid and brilliant.

The two brought their brand of acrobatic burlesque to the sparkly surroundings of the Spiegeltent on Friday, after a supporting role in last year's Great Distraction festival show.

This year they were joined by Mr Gorgeous and Ekaterina, who bought something of the circus high-wire to the proceedings which were skilfully held together by magician Albert Cadabra.

Trixie and the Monkey's dance-come-strip routine to the sound of Total Eclipse of the Heart is startlingly entertaining, though it may have been familiar to festival goers from last year, as was their gypsy fortune teller routine. While it is great to have skilled performers returning to Norwich, it would be good to see more fresh material.

The show was pervaded with the decadence (and nudity) we've come to expect from the Spiegeltent, with a raucous and cheeky humour to match the ever-decreasing costumes. Cadabra was on particularly fine form while performing both his own routines - card tricks and gory adventures with a nail - and linking the show together.

More next year please, just not quite the same.

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