Review: Adam Buxton’s first preview night of new show ‘Kernel Panic’ at Norwich Arts Centre

Adam Buxton's Bug.

Adam Buxton's Bug. - Credit: PA

Teenage boys probably try to resemble the likes of Justin Bieber in clothes and looks in the hope of impressing girls.Men in their twenties will attempt to ape the current trends to attract members of the opposite sex.

But if the first of four special Adam Buxton shows are anything to go by, once blokes reach their 30s something goes awry - and the Norfolk-based comic becomes an unlikely style and fashion guru. Whether that works for the ladies remains to be seen.

Looking around Norwich Arts Centre moments before the gig the audience is at least 50pc bearded men of around the same age as the comedian they are about to watch.

Even this reviewer counts as being amongst the bearded contingent - though the rest of the head leaves a little to be desired.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that Buxton's brand of comedy appeals to a certain demographic of society - those people of around the same age with many of the same interests and going through many of the same stages in life - married life, new babies and the struggle to still be a hip young thing, rather than an ageing has been.

Buxton's genial manner and friendly delivery makes it feel like it's one of your mates up there - except most people's friends aren't anywhere near this funny or sharp.

While, by his own admission, tonight's show is a little bit rough around the edges, there are still many more laughs to be had than provided by some of the comedy circuit's most well-known names.

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For the unfamiliar, Buxton's act is best described as stand-up comedy with the internet as a tool. One minute he will be taking you through some of the most inane and hilarous comments to be found on Youtube, the next presenting a video mash-up involving 'the love doctor' and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Particular highlights include a telling of the time Buxton 'featured' in a Mike Liggins' Look East news story for wasting the time of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital A&E and a side-splitting lesson in how to speak Scottish with the help of his daughter's favourite children's book.

This is a funny, often hilarious, warm and enchanting 80 minute set (that would appeal to all ages not just bearded men in their 30s) and those who have already bagged a seat for the next three shows are in for a real treat.

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