Quickfire show pumps up the humour

Spectacles, Bibles, Inflatable Bras @ Eye Theatre

Spectacles, Bibles, Inflatable Bras @ Eye Theatre


Cecilia Delatori has firmly established herself as an actress of memorable quality making four previous appearances at Eye, most recently taking two roles in Pygmalion and earlier giving an outstanding performance as Madame Arcati in Blithe Spirit.

In this two-day show brought to Eye from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe by Reservoir Kittens she displays talent of a different kind in an incredible one-woman show written by herself.

Women comediennes are a rare breed but Delatori certainly ranks among the best – her stage presence and expressive face ensure she grabs the audience's attention from the outset.

In just one hour she played 14 characters including Miss Boobs in a sitcom called Melons. Discovering that the ravages of time have caused a shrinkage in the bosom the actress decides, rather than re-title the series, to resort to wearing an inflatable bra.

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The hilarious consequences had the audience rolling in their seats.

The show opens with the actress Frances Parkinson demonstrating the art of public speaking by the use of spectacles and then changing into diverse characters who try unsuccessfully to follow her example. The idea for the script came from a workshop she had once attended and developed into a witty and enjoyable entertainment.

Highlights of the evening included well-observed characterisations of a Bible-thumping DJ who embarks on a crusade against homosexuality, an evangelical rock star and a fantastic parody of Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On.

Throughout the action was fast moving, changes of accessories and wigs accomplished in seconds and like all good productions we were left wanting more.