PrimEvil review: “You can be fairly sure your pet hate is lurking somewhere”

Expect some scary encounters at PrimEvil, now in its ninth terrifying year Pictures: Contributed

Expect some scary encounters at PrimEvil, now in its ninth terrifying year Pictures: Contributed - Credit: Archant

Every year PrimEVIL raises its horror game and this year didn't disappoint: there are some terrifyingly good new additions to this annual season of gruesome good fun amid a dinosaur-strewn Park.

PrimEvil at Roarr! Dinosaur Park

PrimEvil at Roarr! Dinosaur Park - Credit: Archant

With a brand-new purpose built structure to house Mayhem Manor Hotel and Arachnophobia, a glorious church complete with stained glass hiding The Crypt and a refresh for the signature Forest of Fear woodland walk and CarnEVIL of Terror, the investment in Norfolk's biggest scare attraction this year is immediately obvious.

But of course the biggest fear factor at the Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure-based PrimEVIL is completely free but massively effective: darkness. The park goes from family-friendly to mightily menacing in the time it takes dusk to turn to night.

When you add a few chainsaw-toting psychopaths, corpse brides, killer clowns, undead nuns, mutant spiders and ghostly maids into the mix it's enough to put the most level-headed visitor into a constant state of near hysteria.

Everyone is frightened of something and at PrimEVIL, with a huge cast of scare actors and a range of different mazes and walks, you can be fairly sure your pet hate will be lurking somewhere.

PrimEvil Credit: Bill Smith

PrimEvil Credit: Bill Smith - Credit: Archant

Mine was in The Crypt - I'm not telling you what it was:ightened I have a rock-hard Halloween Scare Attraction Veteran facade of steely resilience I need to maintain.

It is impossible not to sound like Marie Antoinette suggesting that everyone eat cake when I say that I've never had to queue at scare attractions before (normally going on press nights or buying Fast Passes).

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The queues at PrimEVIL were l-o-n-g: let's put it this way, it's a good job I was in good company. One queue was nudging towards an hour.

Petulant, over-privileged princess whinging aside, we all enjoyed a great night of entertaining Shocktober thrills, spills and chills on a night that was just cold enough to feel chilly.

Staff at the Dinosaur Park prepare for the Primevil event. Photo: Bill Smith

Staff at the Dinosaur Park prepare for the Primevil event. Photo: Bill Smith - Credit: Archant

READ MORE: Everything you need to know about PrimEvil and Halloween Days at Roarr! Dinosaur AdventureWe squeezed through air bags and into tight chambers, clambered through ball pools and skittered across revolving floors, crept through the woods past haunted scarecrows and gingerly avoided scuttling human-size spiders lit by strobing lights.

We felt our way through pitch-black tunnels where creatures waited for us round shadowy corners and wove a path through ropes to escape evil clowns, we met a wolf in the woods and saw a possessed nun on the run and a group of approaching zombie clergy. Ah, I love Halloween.

My favourite of the five main attractions was The Crypt, which boasts some nerve-jangling special effects and plunges visitors into inky blackness with great effect. Arachnophobia was great too: the strobing increasing the sense of panic, if you needed it increased after seeing endless armies of the undead parading round the park as street entertainment.

And it was nice to see a certain Martin Goymour rocking a brand new look as a crazed scientist - one of my favourite PrimEVIL pastimes is playing 'spot the managing director'.

I've been to every single Halloween event at Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure from the days when it was a kiddie-friendly stroll through the woods until today and I've watched it grow into a real monster.

I mean that in the nicest way possible. Please don't lock me in The Crypt.

With online ticket prices ranging from £19.95 and the additional option of upgrading to a Fast Track or VIP, PrimEVIL runs until November 3.

Also new this year is PrimEvil Extreme, two nights dedicated to those over the age of 18, with a firework display, heightened haunts and an exclusive, exciting, immersive experience.

For more information and to book, visit the PrimEvil website.