Practice makes (almost) perfect as School’s Out show is launched at Cromer Pier Pavilion Theatre

With six long summer weeks to fill, parents will be looking for some family-friendly fun to keep their children entertained. We sent brothers Ezekiel and Noah Downes to the School's Out Seaside Special show at Cromer Pier Pavilion Theatre to see if it fits the bill.

Ezekiel, aged 12

The end of the pier School's Out show was great. The atmosphere was delightful, the way the children and adults were joining in with the acts, which included a brilliant BMX man called Csaba, amusing ventriloquist Steve Hewlett and lots more. My favourite performer has to be the ventriloquist because he made it look like the puppet was actually talking. He was funny too. But the other acts were great as well because they put lots of practice into making it perfect, which they almost were. I would recommend this to families with small children because some of the jokes were for adults and some for children. The dancers must have been practicing for days before the show which shows great commitment. The BMX man I can't describe, because he was that good. It was a great experience and I would go again if I had the choice.

Noah, aged 10

Friday's show was really entertaining. All the acts where amazing, although I especially enjoyed the BMX man and all his tricks (I want to be able to do them when I'm older). The ventriloquist was really funny and so was the comic magician, Paul Adams. The dancers were great, I don't know how they could learn all those moves and remember them by heart and also not stumble. It was an amazing experience. The comedian magician's tricks where rubbish but funny and some of his jokes I didn't get but others I did. My favourite puppet was Elmo because his voice was really cute and some things he said were funny. Out of all the acts my favourite has to be either the BMX man with his wonderful tricks or the ventriloquist and his funny puppets. It actually looked like the puppets were talking.

? School's Out plays every Tuesday at 10.30am and Friday at 3pm until September 2. Tickets are �9 each.

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