Postman Pat, Norwich

IAN CLARKE Kids' books and TV shows come and go like many trends, but Pat stands the test of time.


Does it seem possible that it is more than two decades since Postman Pat first became popular for millions of children?

Kids' books and TV shows come and go like many trends. But some – and it really is a limited number – stand the test of time and remain popular across the generations.

And the size of the audience and excitement on the young faces at Norwich's Theatre Royal yesterday shows that the cheery delivery man from Greendale can be in the select band of characters who are now enjoyed by children in the same way as they were by their mums and dads.

Along with his black and white cat Jess and friends such as Mr Fix-it Ted Glen, dear old Granny Dryden, postmistress Mrs Goggins and the Rev Timms, Pat was a big hit in the Phil Derrick stage show.

The story was fairly simple – Jess kept running away and Pat's van kept breaking down.

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But simplicity pays with a young audience. They were kept involved with many panto-like chants and easy to pick up songs.

The Post Office, Royal Mail or Consignia have been through many changes, which have proved most unpopular. Pat has changed very little and is still a big hit. Maybe there's a message there!