The Garage, Norwich

The Garage, Norwich

From the pen of Ben Elton, wrapped in the velvet glove of great gags and comic characters, comes the iron fist of thought-provoking issues about responsibility.

“These days, however guilty you are, you're innocent. Nobody is responsible.”

Which came first: the modern, violent movie, or modern violent society? This play sets the audience wondering.

Fast and furious dialogue, modern American setting and hopping between thriller and farce, it's a perfect vehicle for the Norwich Theatre Royal Youth Company.

Drawing on the Bonnie and Clyde story via the Oscars and a Tarantino director (Tom Hopkin), it roller- coasters to an analysis of what people will do to get on television.

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The Mall murderers (Jack Churchill and Mary Wilkinson) are outstanding in a strong cast.

The vamp (Becky Hadley), the not- so-dim wife (Katy Bulmer) and the ghastly daughter (Rebecca Molloy) catch the humour perfectly.

The American accents hold well and the whole team, directed bravely by Jo Reil, are wonderful.

The experiment in “hit-and-run theatre” works and was summed up by some students sitting near me: “I've got to see this again tomorrow.”

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